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Ello kitties :3
lolita winglessari
Wow a lot has changed since I last was on here ^^' Me and James got our own place <3 However his sisters and mom moved in with us cause they couldnt stand on their own after their dad moved out. I got a job at Dominos, and I lost the same job a year and a half later. Just recently I got a job at Waffle House as a waitress. So far I love it ^^ 
I finished high school and started going to college for photography, but after half a semester I dropped out of photography completely and set my focus to business instead. Yep, I am going after my Cafe dream full force <3 
Which I start college for business the 7th, 3 days away >w<
For christmas I finally FINALLY got my first and second lolita dresses <3 <3 <3 <3 along with wig #8 and 9 lol. My first dress is all black and is my favorite <3 the second is pink and purple to go with my pink and purple GLW pigtail wig.
My wig list so far :
Short brown - ebay
Medium blonde (cut shorter just by a bit) - ebay
Medium  raindow - HT (Hot Topic)
Long purlpe - CWU (Cosplay wigs USA)
Medium Pink and purple split pigtail - GLW (Gothic Lolita Wigs)
Short pink (cut by the girl I bought it from) - GLW
Short  pink and purple split - MM (Minty Mix)
Long brown - ebay
Medium black with blur underneath - RSW (Rock Star Wig)

I am so happy with how lovely its all coming together <3  I hope to soon be able to get more Lolita dresses, and some shoes, and accessories *.*

Also tomorrow I get to wear lolita with Keila at Ichibancon ^^ yay <3 I cant wait veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I will take lots of photos and will try to start updating more lol. I kinda want to start a lolita blog, but I am not JUST a I was thinking more of a fashion blog, like where I get everything, the looks and comments I get while wearing said outfits, etc. I may just turn this one into a fashion blog of sorts <3 Either way expect to see something more from me lol.



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