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lolita winglessari
I havent been on here in awhile :( but I have been somewhat busy. Not online busy but life busy. School work is coming along great, though I didnt do any for this week yet ^^' I was busy helping mom with Tommy, Jake and Bethany. Tommy had a field trip to the Zoo and I tagged along to help watch him and Bethany. Jake was in school.
   Anyways I have just been busy with life. I felt bad because I haven't gotten the newest vlog finished...and I wanted to be done with it by now...but when I get all the info ready to make it, people come around me and i cant focus enough to finish i have to keep remaking it.

   Now some people are saying I kicked them out of the Otaku club. I have yet to kick anyone out, they have all threw hissy fits and left. I have tried to get them to come back, a few would have to act better then what they did, but thats all. I have rules, which I make sure everyone follows.
Now some people say that they cant come because their not Otaku, true I would like you to love anime and manga. If you love it, but dont really watch it thats fine. Otakus dont watch/read that ALL the time. I mean I havent watched anime in about 4 to 5 months. (well I didnt, I watched Soul Eater last week. which restarts the time thingy.) Right now I have been watching Gilmore Girls more then Anime.

Otaku means obsessed with. At the club we talk about Games, movies, things we like. Things we love. I am sooo tired of hearing about 'Im not watching anime every day so Im not a Otaku.' kind of thing. If you dont want to go to the meetings then that is fine. but dont go around saying I kicked you out!

ok I got school work to do x) soooo

Bai bai,
Ari <3


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