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4 years....WOW(and Youtube)
lolita winglessari
Today (Sunday 9-12) me and James shall celebrate our 4 year anniversary! AND WE ARE BOTH SICK XDDD We shall lie around, happy, together ^-^

Now the cake >_> Its a 'Its a boy' cupcake cake XD He picked it out, and got it lol. He is going to decorate it however he wants, but I just find it funny.

The shirt I made and gave him, he likes it, but he thinks from the way I wrote it I should wear it lol. I will add the photos laters when I feel up to it XD.

Now Up-Dates! I have created another Youtube account (because 4 was NOT enough *rolls eyes*) Anyways I started this one to 'Review' Anime and Manga, Along  with me vloging. I first started this one just to vlog, that way I can separate them from my other account.

Ari8Thorn is my first one. The one that has my life uploaded lol.

Only1PrincessMomo is my OC (Own Character) KB (Korean Buddy/Mini me) I make videos for her and post them there, I am working on a cartoon of her XD.

AsheboroAnimeClub is the OLD anime club I was in. But it wasnt what I was looking for, and some of the members put me and some of my friends down, so we started our own...

OtakuClubProductions is the new one. I am the leader of this one. Though right now nothing is going on...which I hate...but I am trying.

and now for the new one WinglessAri. I am about to go upload the first video of WinglessAri. I am not going to say its the BEST, but its one of the best of me talking :D so I love it.

Okies I am tired, going to go upload that and then go to sleep -_- Bai bai

Ari <3


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