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lolita winglessari
First I feel bad for not blogging more often....I am just busy with things right now...BUT I plan on making more time for things like this...

I have decided to re-write the story of Anything Alex...I had wrote more then whats posted up on Deviant Art but I didnt like it!
I have also came up with the MOST AWESOME-EVER PLOT for the story!!! I was up thinking and worrying over things, when the plot came to me!

SO far I have yet to find a story of Alice (havent looked in fanfiction I am sure its in there somewhere) where the creatures come to our world. That is all I am telling you guys!!!

AND!!! I have decided to write my own story like Mike and Ashley!!! Where everyone goes to school and they are either a Witch/WIzard/Vampire/Were- things (cats, rodents, wolfs, etc) Shapeshifters, Zombies, Sirens, etc.
The idea came from Mike, who after reading Vampire Knight, wanted to make his own! Ashley I really dont know...I showed Mike Rosaro + Vampire (Manga/Anime) that I have liked since it came out last year. Its basecally what Mike and Ashley are wanting to do. There is also Nightschool that is like it. I really dont know what all gave them the ideas, but they gave me the idea and I am going to be working on that during my FREE time :XD:

I am also working crafts (buttons, T-shirts, Bags, drawings, etc) for the Asheboro Fall Festival this year. If things go right then you will see me set up at Animazement 2011 Artist Ally ^-^

ON top of ALL that, I have school work to deal with T^T



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