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lolita winglessari
GAH! Life is really taking things out on me...I SSSOOO wish I knew what to do to make things better! Is it because I am not going to church right? Because I am confused about my religion? Because I cant stand my mother, and dream of the day when I leave? Because I might not like the way things are with people??? What the hell did I do to deserve this shit!!?!?! GRRRRR!!!

Sailor Moon has to keep RUNNING her FING mouth to everyone and then says everyone else is talking behind her back. I mean seriously WTF! Eariler she was telling Levi that we need to stop using Shane and that we need to just leave him alone. First we never NEVER used Shane. he wanted us here, and second the only reason we ever came here was to help him with things, like the light bill and so we could all go to Animazement together.
I am really starting to hate every thing. It feels like I am on a one way street and going the wrong way. There is no way to turn around and go the right way. at least untill I get to the end. AND ITS REALLY FUCKING LONG!

At least I still have my friends! and I am in good health! As long as I can stand on my own I am Okey-doky! 

It feels good to get this off my chest! Thank you for listening...I know its really fing stupid but this is just some things that have been bothering me.

Names have been changed for their protection.

Now Random shit!
Some imes it's hard to know where I stand
It's hard to know where I am
Well maybe it's a puzzle I don't understand

Things are looking up ^^
lolita winglessari
James (my fiancee) had a interview today at Dominos.....AND HE GOT IT!!!!! WHOO!!!! he starts June 1st. I am so happy that he FINALLY has a job.

Now I got to find me a job..this is going to be long and hard. I dont have anyone to really try and get me a job. I have tried everywhere to get one. But since I am not yet 18 my job hunting is restricted.
I believe that is all I have to say right now.


Animazement 2010
lolita winglessari
I am excited about going to AZ this month!!! However I am having problems with cars...trucks...or any transportation  XD I am SO tired of life trying to knock me down, that when things happen I just accept it and smile.

I know thats a little weird. But its the way I am.

I am going as Rin Tosaka From Fate Stay Night. I tried to get another outfit but things happen.  I also have my Goth outfit and my Lolita outfits. I also have the Tripp Skirt I made from Tripp Pants. 

If your going to AZ let me know. I would love to meet new people ^-^


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