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lolita winglessari
I am deleting this account. I never really got on here, and the reason I did get on was for NorthCarolitas. (I believe thats the name. ) and I dont have the money to dress Lolita (nor the time to sew the outfits) I can sew, I just dont have a sewing machine anymore. I still like the style, but not so much that I have to but a WHOLE new wardrobe! So I am deleting this account, and I bout I will ever be back on. though who knows what the future might hold.

I enjoyed talking with all of you, and I will wait a week so if anyone wants to  say bai...

Bai bai
Ari <3

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That is a shame :< lolita is a very nice fashion but hard to get into. I understand. Nice meeting you though!

Well after all this time, I never got around to deleting this and now because of Keila I have given Lolita another chance ^^ and guess what!!!! I now own two lolita dresses ^^

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