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Life...and other stuff (True Otaku life:Girl style)
lolita winglessari
Well my life feels like its going down hill fast. I'm sure all the people who hate me are trilled to hear this and all that comes with it. I hate how I feel like I am drowning and no one is going to help me out.

Me and my sister needed to get away for awhile so we went to Dustins for just six days. Heather stayed there with us as well. Me cheyenne and Heather all slept in the living room, James and Dustin in the bedroom. During that time me and James did not have sex. nor did anyone else in that house. RIght now DSS (Department of Social Services) is now saying I abused my sister by having sex right in front of her, and that Trevor is unfit to live at Grams with us. I need all the help I can in setting things right. I know  that Trevor is wild at times, but he has gotten use to Gram and me and Cheyenne and we know how to handle him. Sending him to a new home would do more damage then good. PEOPLE NEED TO LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!! I MEAN WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO TO THEM (YOU)!!!!!!!! I have had sooo many freaking problems and then one wants to say I, I ,need to grow up. I have grown up. I have had to go through so much shit that right now realty is nothing but what I breath. If you are reading this and keep thinking how "idiotic" this all is then you dont understand any of these things. You have never had to worry how you are going to get by the next day. Things like this is real and I have had to face them. NOW that me and Cheyenne has a nice "stable" place to live people are saying we dont. People need to learn to keep their noises out of my and my familys life.

That is all. I might delete this account and all my others. Because I am tired of getting harassed about false and idiotic stuff.   


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