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Good morning to all you happy people ^-^ Today I spent about three hours trying to find out if three people are allowed to get married in the USA. I was wondering because on this old movie (from tv) this man married like 13 woman and I think it was in the USA that this was...well I was trying to find out if that could be possible.

Plus I wish to
marry three people lol j/k

Anyways I am also trying to get over my Writers block and I am trying to figure out how to make a Totoro Cosplay...YAY! oh well I guess if I dont figure that out I still have Tao, Tsubaki and Sailor Mars ^-^ Plus I want to try to do a Mrs. Bitters cosplay lol

That is all


(PS check out my Blogspot ^-^

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I don't really know you, but I saw your intro post on NC loli a while ago and thought I would stop by your journal. Just so you know, you can't legally marry more than one person in the United States. That's part of why all those religious communes get in trouble for the men having multiple wives. The way the law works, your first 'wife' is your wife. Any other women you 'marry' are not your wives. Of course, I don't think it's illegal to have multiple 'wives' if each wife is okay with it. Where the law steps in is when women are forced into an illegal marriage, such as in some religious communes/sects, etc. Hope that explains it!

Thank you for stopping by (you are the first to comment on my blogs that wasnt a friend already lol)

Yea that does thank you! I kinda knew that it wasnt possable, but that movie just confused me lol. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!! (can we be friends?)

No problem! And sure! We can be friends. I don't really use my journal for actual journaling though. I created it so I could join lolita comms, etc., but new friends are always welcome!

YAY! lol Thats why I first added it, but I am starting to pull away from wanting to become a Lolita...I have had nothing but bad comments with any/all my ideas on loli outfit. I want to add my style to it TO much, and it doesnt look like Lolita anymore. So I am useing this more for a blog (I have 3 so far on different sites lol) and I am enjoying life a little more now that I am not trying to be something that just really isnt for me.

Well that's too bad, cause I know all us northcarolitas would have loved meeting you. Sometimes people can be mean on the comms though. Where did you post your ideas? What did they say was wrong with them? If you aren't totally through with lolita yet, I could definitely gives you some pointers and guidance. I know the only reason I didn't give up is because I met a wonderful lolita who was encouraging rather then discouraging. I think that can have a big affect on your experience first starting and whether you decide to stick with it or not.

It wasnt really on a photo (I do have one on DeviantArt) Its more some Lolitas I met at Animazement (No one on here) I was talking to her about how I dont have a lolita outfit, but I do have a outfit that could be ero lolita (which I know some people look down on) but she stood there putting me down, when I had said that it was my goth outfit but it could be...since then I just really didnt want to have to deal with what I like being the wrong thing XP I like some of the stuff that is known for being cosplay lolita or newbi lolita (like headbands, lace around the sleeves etc)

I still like the fashion, and one day if I find other Lolitas like me, who want to dress any lolita style they want and not put down on eachother because its not how THEY want then I might start dressing Lolita again.

I would enjoy your help. Though right now I want to find a style I really enjoy no matter what it is and be myself, Im tired of so-called friends pushing me down because they themselves dont like who they are...

Sorry for ranting on you like that...

Most of the 'rules' that people ascribe to lolita aren't really rules. I think what people worry about is the stigma that is attatched to some things like 'bad lace', shiny fabrics, etc. and they let that become more important then it really is. I have a friend who loves what many lolita's call 'bad lace.' She doesn't have the guts to use it on an actual lolita dress though, and that's sad, cause in reality, lace is lace and even with 'good' lace you can go overboard. There's also a lot of importance placed on creating the right shilouette (sp?) cause if you have the wrong (I'm not trying to spell it again) then you aren't really wearing lolita, but I think many of the other 'rules' are just guidelines, things that help new lolitas, but aren't completely necessary. A girl I've met recently said something that really helped me with some of the 'rules.' We were talking about how you see all these questions on EGL about whether something would be lolita or not, and she said (she's been to Japan and lived there) 9 times out of 10 a girl in Japan is already doing the thing the poster was unsure of. I mean, if you are going against every single guideline, then chances are, it's not lolita. But having a headband or lace around the sleeves isn't really breaking any rules.
And don't worry about ranting. Sometimes you've got to get things off your chest.
I thought you said you and your friend went to the panel on Sunday. Did you go to the lolita tea party thing that happened Friday at Animazement?

That is sad... Wow I didnt know that about the japan girls...that makes me think lol

I think I will give Lolita another try sooner then I thought lol

and no I didnt go to either Panal, Friday my friend Heather didnt want to be left alone and she doesnt like my other friend Ashley anymore (ashley is Momoko the one who is also a lolita) so I stayed with Heather in the Pool, and Saturday I didnt know what time it was because Dustin moved all the guide books and I didnt find out till it was already over :C I dont know if Ashley went to the Saturday Panal but I know she didnt go to the Friday Tea Party though. (Oh! I met the girl Thursday at Pre-con,the one that threw off on my outfit)

That's right. I remember one of you saying on northcarolitas that you couldn't make it to the panel. That's too bad! It was really fun. Well, if you decide you don't want to give up on lolita, I'm always available for questions!

yeah lol I wish I coule have...maybe next year ^-^

Ok I will ask when I have a question, right now all my money is going to go towards the Otaku Club I run. We are trying to make things for the Asheboro Fall Festiavl, if everything goes good then we will be setting up at Animazement Artist Ally next year.

Oh, that's cool! Do you draw or make things?

well my drawings need more work lol but I have started making little stuffed keychains. Well my sister helps me lol. All I really do is the sewing lol.

What I am going to be doing is iconing photos on T-shirts. Possably bags that my friend Sara is making.

This is of course if everything goes over good, and stuff happens right lol.

That's pretty awesome! What kinds of photos are you using?

Well I have to keep in mind that most people at the fall festival wont know what anime is, and the few that do know a little(but not a lot) will only know by people like Yugi and Pikachu. I am also going to be mixing other things in (like Fate Stay Night) hopefully more people will know about it then I am planning lol.

I am also putting sponbebob, Dora, etc. to draw the attintion of those that dont know what Anime/Manga is.

Maybe I can educate some of them ^-^ (I think I spelled that wrong ><)

I looked up that Fate Stay Night and it sounds cool. Will have to check it out. I hope it goes well with you at the festival! I went to college an hour from Asheville so I know where Ashboro is, but I've never been there.

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