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True Otaku Life : Girl Style By Ari ~♥~ (1)
lolita winglessari
I know I havent gotten on in awhile and everything, I was going through a ruff patch and to help me get out of it Kay and me went down memory lane lol

Like the Halloween we spent together handing out candy, e as Tristan and her as Barkru from Yu-gi-oh ><Gowd how we were dorks.
and then us pretending we were Max and iggy and jumping on the trampoline 'fighting' the Erasers >< (I am Max and she is Iggy) How we would stay up late playing pokemon cards, drawing funny things and watching card captor Sakura and Sailor Moon!!! I really miss spending time with her...but she has grown up and my friends I have now like different things, and I dont have anyone who really likes that kind of thing.

I JUST got James to play Pokemon >< but I dont have my pokemon cards with me so I cant play them all that much.

I havent got to read the lastest Maximum Ride book :Fang but Kay says I will cry, so I know I will -_-' I have already read to like book 4 of the manga, only because of Yen+ I do hope they do make the movie!!! e and Kay would be first in line! I swear I am soo fangirling thngs really REALLY bad right now... I was looking through all the old pics I got off line of Fang (He is mine ^-^) Rae (another friend of mine) is him. Chey is Gas and Lolly is Angel,  

Ok ok ok I will stop talking about that ><

OMG!!!! Next month is when Fate Stay Night 8 comes out!!! I cant wait *squeal* lol I am surprized I like it so much I normally dont, but oh well lol

Ok a little about my life now, I have fallen into depression I dont want to say why, but I have.
I put on a strong face for James and my friends, but  know  dont fool them, they all love me to much >,< I am thankful for them.
I have lost my faith in my religion along with staying friends with some...

I went to Jorden Lake for Sara and Lizs birthday, James got burnt really bad, and my face got some on it. Then we went to see Prince of Persia,,,IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!! THE MAIN GUY WAS SOOO HOT!!!! *SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL*

Ok I am fine now lol I didnt think I would like it, but who knew >< OH! I a in a zombie movie Summer Of Blood : A few brains more is the tittle...The newist trailor is on youtube, and you can see Chey and James in it lol James is in the end changing color with the words lol The next shoot is in aug or step I will let you when I know ><

I have been busy planning out things for Animazement next year, I am not going to say what untill I have things more ready, in case they dont work out...all I can say is expect to see more of the Otaku Club there and more on Youtube! ^-^ That is the club I am the Ace of, (We use cards as our status) James is King, and there is no use of Queen or Jack yet. As soon as there is then I will choose who is who ^-^

All the Animazement pics are on the Otaku Clubs myspace, not all was there and one was just not in any of the pics, she wanted to do her own thing and I didnt want to seem like i was controlling so I let her do what she wanted.

I believe that is all lol I hope to post more from now on, I guess you could say this is a insight to a 'True Otaku life : Girl Style' lol Yeah right some insight >< I just follow my heart and everything in me to do what I feel is right, with me and only me ^-^

My one and only motto I can say i live by, "Make yourself happy, Be who you want, dont worry about what others do or say "^-^

I love being a kitty =^-^= Meow!!! lol




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