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Wow a lot has changed since I last was on here ^^' Me and James got our own place <3 However his sisters and mom moved in with us cause they couldnt stand on their own after their dad moved out. I got a job at Dominos, and I lost the same job a year and a half later. Just recently I got a job at Waffle House as a waitress. So far I love it ^^ 
I finished high school and started going to college for photography, but after half a semester I dropped out of photography completely and set my focus to business instead. Yep, I am going after my Cafe dream full force <3 
Which I start college for business the 7th, 3 days away >w<
For christmas I finally FINALLY got my first and second lolita dresses <3 <3 <3 <3 along with wig #8 and 9 lol. My first dress is all black and is my favorite <3 the second is pink and purple to go with my pink and purple GLW pigtail wig.
My wig list so far :
Short brown - ebay
Medium blonde (cut shorter just by a bit) - ebay
Medium  raindow - HT (Hot Topic)
Long purlpe - CWU (Cosplay wigs USA)
Medium Pink and purple split pigtail - GLW (Gothic Lolita Wigs)
Short pink (cut by the girl I bought it from) - GLW
Short  pink and purple split - MM (Minty Mix)
Long brown - ebay
Medium black with blur underneath - RSW (Rock Star Wig)

I am so happy with how lovely its all coming together <3  I hope to soon be able to get more Lolita dresses, and some shoes, and accessories *.*

Also tomorrow I get to wear lolita with Keila at Ichibancon ^^ yay <3 I cant wait veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ I will take lots of photos and will try to start updating more lol. I kinda want to start a lolita blog, but I am not JUST a lolita....so I was thinking more of a fashion blog, like where I get everything, the looks and comments I get while wearing said outfits, etc. I may just turn this one into a fashion blog of sorts <3 Either way expect to see something more from me lol.


lolita winglessari
I havent been on here in awhile :( but I have been somewhat busy. Not online busy but life busy. School work is coming along great, though I didnt do any for this week yet ^^' I was busy helping mom with Tommy, Jake and Bethany. Tommy had a field trip to the Zoo and I tagged along to help watch him and Bethany. Jake was in school.
   Anyways I have just been busy with life. I felt bad because I haven't gotten the newest vlog finished...and I wanted to be done with it by now...but when I get all the info ready to make it, people come around me and i cant focus enough to finish it...so i have to keep remaking it.

   Now some people are saying I kicked them out of the Otaku club. I have yet to kick anyone out, they have all threw hissy fits and left. I have tried to get them to come back, a few would have to act better then what they did, but thats all. I have rules, which I make sure everyone follows.
Now some people say that they cant come because their not Otaku, true I would like you to love anime and manga. If you love it, but dont really watch it thats fine. Otakus dont watch/read that ALL the time. I mean I havent watched anime in about 4 to 5 months. (well I didnt, I watched Soul Eater last week. which restarts the time thingy.) Right now I have been watching Gilmore Girls more then Anime.

Otaku means obsessed with. At the club we talk about Games, movies, things we like. Things we love. I am sooo tired of hearing about 'Im not watching anime every day so Im not a Otaku.' kind of thing. If you dont want to go to the meetings then that is fine. but dont go around saying I kicked you out!

ok I got school work to do x) soooo

Bai bai,
Ari <3

4 years....WOW(and Youtube)
lolita winglessari
Today (Sunday 9-12) me and James shall celebrate our 4 year anniversary! AND WE ARE BOTH SICK XDDD We shall lie around, happy, together ^-^

Now the cake >_> Its a 'Its a boy' cupcake cake XD He picked it out, and got it lol. He is going to decorate it however he wants, but I just find it funny.

The shirt I made and gave him, he likes it, but he thinks from the way I wrote it I should wear it lol. I will add the photos laters when I feel up to it XD.

Now Up-Dates! I have created another Youtube account (because 4 was NOT enough *rolls eyes*) Anyways I started this one to 'Review' Anime and Manga, Along  with me vloging. I first started this one just to vlog, that way I can separate them from my other account.

Ari8Thorn is my first one. The one that has my life uploaded lol.

Only1PrincessMomo is my OC (Own Character) KB (Korean Buddy/Mini me) I make videos for her and post them there, I am working on a cartoon of her XD.

AsheboroAnimeClub is the OLD anime club I was in. But it wasnt what I was looking for, and some of the members put me and some of my friends down, so we started our own...

OtakuClubProductions is the new one. I am the leader of this one. Though right now nothing is going on...which I hate...but I am trying.

and now for the new one WinglessAri. I am about to go upload the first video of WinglessAri. I am not going to say its the BEST, but its one of the best of me talking :D so I love it.

Okies I am tired, going to go upload that and then go to sleep -_- Bai bai

Ari <3

thought about it...
lolita winglessari
Yep I thought about it, and realized I shouldn't delete this account, just change what I talk about XD So now instead of talking about Lolita and stuff I will be talking about what I TRULY love, Being a first rate Otaku ^-^ I can tell people about my cosplays, experinces, and other things. 

I know there has to be a LOT of others taht do the same, but I really enjoy this ^-^
I will also probably write about my life as well.

Like how I am sick XP and I feel like ABSOLUTE crap! lol okies I gotz school work to do, so
Bai Bai
Ari <3

lolita winglessari
I am deleting this account. I never really got on here, and the reason I did get on was for NorthCarolitas. (I believe thats the name. ) and I dont have the money to dress Lolita (nor the time to sew the outfits) I can sew, I just dont have a sewing machine anymore. I still like the style, but not so much that I have to but a WHOLE new wardrobe! So I am deleting this account, and I bout I will ever be back on. though who knows what the future might hold.

I enjoyed talking with all of you, and I will wait a week so if anyone wants to  say bai...

Bai bai
Ari <3

lolita winglessari
First I feel bad for not blogging more often....I am just busy with things right now...BUT I plan on making more time for things like this...

I have decided to re-write the story of Anything Alex...I had wrote more then whats posted up on Deviant Art but I didnt like it!
I have also came up with the MOST AWESOME-EVER PLOT for the story!!! I was up thinking and worrying over things, when the plot came to me!

SO far I have yet to find a story of Alice (havent looked in fanfiction I am sure its in there somewhere) where the creatures come to our world. That is all I am telling you guys!!!

AND!!! I have decided to write my own story like Mike and Ashley!!! Where everyone goes to school and they are either a Witch/WIzard/Vampire/Were- things (cats, rodents, wolfs, etc) Shapeshifters, Zombies, Sirens, etc.
The idea came from Mike, who after reading Vampire Knight, wanted to make his own! Ashley I really dont know...I showed Mike Rosaro + Vampire (Manga/Anime) that I have liked since it came out last year. Its basecally what Mike and Ashley are wanting to do. There is also Nightschool that is like it. I really dont know what all gave them the ideas, but they gave me the idea and I am going to be working on that during my FREE time :XD:

I am also working crafts (buttons, T-shirts, Bags, drawings, etc) for the Asheboro Fall Festival this year. If things go right then you will see me set up at Animazement 2011 Artist Ally ^-^

ON top of ALL that, I have school work to deal with T^T


lolita winglessari
On a road trip with my dad and James!!!! In Illinois for the night, heading to Kansas.

I will post more when I get a better chance I should be going to sleep soon though I am still uploading pics...GRRR why must things take so long!!!! lol Totoro and Piplup are with me ^-^ I have them buckled when were on the road! THEY NEED TO BE SAFE!!!!!


Life...and other stuff (True Otaku life:Girl style)
lolita winglessari
Well my life feels like its going down hill fast. I'm sure all the people who hate me are trilled to hear this and all that comes with it. I hate how I feel like I am drowning and no one is going to help me out.

Me and my sister needed to get away for awhile so we went to Dustins for just six days. Heather stayed there with us as well. Me cheyenne and Heather all slept in the living room, James and Dustin in the bedroom. During that time me and James did not have sex. nor did anyone else in that house. RIght now DSS (Department of Social Services) is now saying I abused my sister by having sex right in front of her, and that Trevor is unfit to live at Grams with us. I need all the help I can in setting things right. I know  that Trevor is wild at times, but he has gotten use to Gram and me and Cheyenne and we know how to handle him. Sending him to a new home would do more damage then good. PEOPLE NEED TO LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!! I MEAN WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO TO THEM (YOU)!!!!!!!! I have had sooo many freaking problems and then one wants to say I, I ,need to grow up. I have grown up. I have had to go through so much shit that right now realty is nothing but what I breath. If you are reading this and keep thinking how "idiotic" this all is then you dont understand any of these things. You have never had to worry how you are going to get by the next day. Things like this is real and I have had to face them. NOW that me and Cheyenne has a nice "stable" place to live people are saying we dont. People need to learn to keep their noises out of my and my familys life.

That is all. I might delete this account and all my others. Because I am tired of getting harassed about false and idiotic stuff.   

Cosplays and other things >
lolita winglessari
Good morning to all you happy people ^-^ Today I spent about three hours trying to find out if three people are allowed to get married in the USA. I was wondering because on this old movie (from tv) this man married like 13 woman and I think it was in the USA that this was...well I was trying to find out if that could be possible.

Plus I wish to
marry three people lol j/k

Anyways I am also trying to get over my Writers block and I am trying to figure out how to make a Totoro Cosplay...YAY! oh well I guess if I dont figure that out I still have Tao, Tsubaki and Sailor Mars ^-^ Plus I want to try to do a Mrs. Bitters cosplay lol

That is all


(PS check out my Blogspot ^-^ http://ari-chama-idea.blogspot.com)

True Otaku Life : Girl Style By Ari ~♥~ (1)
lolita winglessari
I know I havent gotten on in awhile and everything, I was going through a ruff patch and to help me get out of it Kay and me went down memory lane lol

Like the Halloween we spent together handing out candy, e as Tristan and her as Barkru from Yu-gi-oh ><Gowd how we were dorks.
and then us pretending we were Max and iggy and jumping on the trampoline 'fighting' the Erasers >< (I am Max and she is Iggy) How we would stay up late playing pokemon cards, drawing funny things and watching card captor Sakura and Sailor Moon!!! I really miss spending time with her...but she has grown up and my friends I have now like different things, and I dont have anyone who really likes that kind of thing.

I JUST got James to play Pokemon >< but I dont have my pokemon cards with me so I cant play them all that much.

I havent got to read the lastest Maximum Ride book :Fang but Kay says I will cry, so I know I will -_-' I have already read to like book 4 of the manga, only because of Yen+ I do hope they do make the movie!!! e and Kay would be first in line! I swear I am soo fangirling thngs really REALLY bad right now... I was looking through all the old pics I got off line of Fang (He is mine ^-^) Rae (another friend of mine) is him. Chey is Gas and Lolly is Angel,  

Ok ok ok I will stop talking about that ><

OMG!!!! Next month is when Fate Stay Night 8 comes out!!! I cant wait *squeal* lol I am surprized I like it so much I normally dont, but oh well lol

Ok a little about my life now, I have fallen into depression I dont want to say why, but I have.
I put on a strong face for James and my friends, but  know  dont fool them, they all love me to much >,< I am thankful for them.
I have lost my faith in my religion along with staying friends with some...

I went to Jorden Lake for Sara and Lizs birthday, James got burnt really bad, and my face got some on it. Then we went to see Prince of Persia,,,IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!! THE MAIN GUY WAS SOOO HOT!!!! *SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL*

Ok I am fine now lol I ...just...wow...I didnt think I would like it, but who knew >< OH! I a in a zombie movie Summer Of Blood : A few brains more is the tittle...The newist trailor is on youtube, and you can see Chey and James in it lol James is in the end changing color with the words lol The next shoot is in aug or step I will let you when I know ><

I have been busy planning out things for Animazement next year, I am not going to say what untill I have things more ready, in case they dont work out...all I can say is expect to see more of the Otaku Club there and more on Youtube! ^-^ That is the club I am the Ace of, (We use cards as our status) James is King, and there is no use of Queen or Jack yet. As soon as there is then I will choose who is who ^-^

All the Animazement pics are on the Otaku Clubs myspace, not all was there and one was just not in any of the pics, she wanted to do her own thing and I didnt want to seem like i was controlling so I let her do what she wanted.

I believe that is all lol I hope to post more from now on, I guess you could say this is a insight to a 'True Otaku life : Girl Style' lol Yeah right some insight >< I just follow my heart and everything in me to do what I feel is right, with me and only me ^-^

My one and only motto I can say i live by, "Make yourself happy, Be who you want, dont worry about what others do or say "^-^

I love being a kitty =^-^= Meow!!! lol




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